Learn How College Degrees Can Improve Your Life

College degrees come in many flavors. Degrees are available in food science, nutrition, agriculture, and many other food-related fields. They're also available in just about every possible subject under the sun.

College degrees come in many sizes, too. Some degrees are awarded after only two years of study while others require at least four, six, or many more years of study.

Some college degrees come one at a time but sometimes a student will earn a couple, or more, all at the same time. The student may major in business and minor in Egyptian history. Or earn a double major in business and Egyptian history but earn a minor degree in kinesiology, too. Or any other confusing configuration of studies, interests, and degrees.

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There are so many college degrees offered today that there is some path to graduation that can be tailored to suit the aspirations of just about every student.

The college degrees that require about two years of study are called associate's degrees. They can be earned at junior and community colleges as well as at many universities.

The four-year college degrees are bachelor's degrees. They build on the education earned with an associate's degree but they encompass a broader base of general knowledge and a more advanced level of specialized studies within the chosen field.

College degrees that take even longer than the traditional four years are the master's and doctorate degrees. When studying for the master's level degree, a student is left to more independence with his or her studies, often spending a great deal of the time writing a thesis based upon personal research.

Doctorate college degrees take the independence, research, and the writing of the master's degree even further.

One very exciting development in the world of education is that, today, a student can earn college degrees at all levels by attending college via the internet. Most of the major universities have developed programs that enhance previous distance learning programs and have even expanded their offerings.

Other educational institutions offer college degrees online. These institutions were never the traditional campus-classroom style schools but recognized the value of education over the internet early on.

Students earning college degrees online enjoy the same quality of education as their counterparts in the classroom. All schools offering college degrees must meet the same level of accreditation regardless of the method of delivery.